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Every Occasion

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One 30-minute private lesson (good for singles and couples) and One Group Class and One Practice Party

All Levels Welcome!


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If you love entertainment, and/or looking for something to do for the fall or Halloween, this is the show for you.  Come and enjoy performances by Professional and Amateur dancers.  This is fun for the whole family!  Purchase your tickets here!

About Our Studio

Established in September of 2017, Lone Star Ballroom is a social and competitive dance school located near the heart of the downtown Dallas, off of Oak Lawn and Market Center. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we look forward to sharing our love of dance with you.

Studio Address

1444 Oak Lawn Avenue

Suite 580

Dallas TX  75207

Every Dance.

Whether you want to just scoot around the dance floor or perform exhibitions, we have a dance style for all of your needs. Ballroom, Latin, ,Tap … we’ve got you covered!

Every Age.

If you are a kid or just a kid at heart, dancing is for you! So, let’s pick a song and get started.

Every Occasion.

Private Lessons

As a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, you may want one-on-one attention from one of our skilled instructors. We’ll go at your pace and focus on a specific technique. We want to help you reach your dance goals.


Group Classes

Group classes are a great compliment to your private lesson. Group classes vary content from day to day and are offered at convenient hours. You will have the opportunity to meet and learn from our team of professionals. Singles and couples are welcome!

Wedding & Special Event

We can help make your special day just that much more special. Not only will we tailor a routine to your exact taste and skill level, but we will teach it to you in a fast, fun and easy manner that allows you to pick up the choreography quickly.

Children & Youth

We help youth express themselves artistically through ballroom dance. Each student will develop physical strength, agility, coordination, stamina, endurance and overall fitness. Dance promotes discipline, teamwork, respect, grace, elegance, style, creativity, and musicality. Participation will improve communication skills and contributes to positive psychological benefits, as well as elevated self-esteem. Private lessons, group classes and camps available.


Once a week we offer a fun, friendly environment for our students to apply what they’ve learned. Our parties are an essential part of your learning and will help you to become the best possible dancer.

feel at home dancing here

“The nature of dancing is uplifting and therapeutic,” Ann Michelle says.

Dance Lessons Gift Certificate

Looking for the perfect gift?

81 Years Young

One thing I’ve always enjoyed doing is dancing. I became widowed in 2009 and began dancing again. I once read if a person learns to dance, they’ll never be lonely. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When I dance I DO NOT have Parkinson’s symptoms at all. I used to laugh at people who once the music was on, they couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor. And now, that’s happened to me. My balance is near perfect. I’m dancing!
Lone Star Ballroom has provided a place for me to dance. Ann Michelle encouraged me to do a showcase performance 3 years ago, and I’ve been in every showcase but 1 since. 
T. Lang

Happy Dancer

Lone Star Ballroom has given me the confidence to go on the dance floor and perform. Every time I get better and better at socially dancing.
It’s all about slow and steady, but it’s totally worth it if you like to look good when you’re dancing. You’ll definitely outshine anyone who hasn’t had ballroom training.
Josh Anguiano

Dancing Together

For my Christmas gift, my husband bought a package of ballroom dance lessons. We’ve been having a wonderful time. The private lessons with Gary are full of great instruction. We enjoy the group lessons and practice parties on Friday nights – we haven’t missed one since we started. Ann Michelle and Gary are very professional and knowledgeable and make the learning process fun!
Lisa Grace Sawyer

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1444 Oak Lawn Ave.  Suite 580                Dallas TX 75207

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1444 Oak Lawn Ave. Suite 580 Dallas TX 75207

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